Devrilo MOC - Opinions? (Title was edited btw ~_~

Well I have changed this guy for about a year or two now and have finally come to a stop with what I want to do with him, I have used the same head and pieces for all this time as I can’t get over the head. The whole thing is custom built as in I haven’t used the Inika pieces or CCBS body pieces, although I have used a couple CCBS limb pieces for places to put armor. He has a small amount of waist, neck and back movement and the usual for limbs. There are, admittedly, a lot of axle pins and blue pins sticking out plus the thumbs aren’t as movable as some. I don’t have too many of the same parts and some are hidden away in the labyrinth of my house but I tried to work with what I have and it didn’t turn out so bad, although I have 0 good pieces left now so maybe I should conserve more… Anyway I got the inspiration for this design (technically this is V7) from Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, all armor comes off and can be changed, the frame is very “un-finished” because it needs the pins and joints to attach the armor plates and what-not, oh and there is room for a pilot to go in just not the normal way a Mobile Suit Pilot would… I’d really like this to find it’s way onto the Spotlight but it’d be great if I just get a couple criticisms :smiley: The poses are kinda awkward but in real life he looks okay I guess, thanks if you read this and yea this is my first real MOC so if you could take a few minutes to give your opinion to me, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Bye!


It looks rather cluttered, lots of weird textures and overall just looks sorta messy.


While a good idea is here, the MOC is simply too cluttered and messy.


@Yveran Cheers! Agree with you on that one, I guess my ignorance got the better of me thanks for the opinion though, I’ll try some tweaking.

@Joe Thanks, I see the views are similar so I’ll just have to work that part out so again thanks for your view.

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Ye new, we’ll way too cluttered but still looks good

So…if Ven were to choose this, you do realize he has no name to give it?

Seriously, if you want to request something for a spotlight, do it properly and don’t put it in the title of the topic. I’d also recommend more pictures.

Onto the MOC itself - I really have nothing to say I guess. It’s cluttered and awkwardly designed. Maybe the manner of the spotlight request irked me a little and soured my thoughts…but eh, it just doesn’t sit right with me. I can go into more detail if you’d like, though.


The chest is too big, and the overall proportions are off.

@Ekorak Sorry for my arrogance, guess I overlooked the details… idiot me but still cheers for pointing it out. Also if you really want to, keep going.

@Omega_Tahu If I wasn’t going for that look then yes, the chest is too big and yes the proportions are off but that is what I was designing to give the feel of a “barbarian” esc figure.

@LTVmocs Cheers, I’ll try and trim it down or redesign the armour.

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