Dezek [tablescrap]

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This was a quick, tablescrap-ish MOC, built to keep things fresh in between phases of BFGM progress.

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The weapons are out of place. Other then that Generally ok and good design

In what way are they out of place? I generally find it practical for axes to be held in one’s hands.

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I think he means the color.

Yes, I gathered that.

I simply enjoy putting weapons of contrasting colors on most of my MOCs.

I like the weapons, myself.

Thanks! I liked how the blue matched the eyes, while the white contrasted nicely with the rest of the MOC, if not enough to clash in a way that would be bothersome.

meh, I could’ve done without the white, but then again that weapon don’t come in other colors

BTW is that dark tan on the limbs and torso I see? Interesting color scheme

IMO, it’s a nonissue.

I mean, who compains about Link’s(Green) Master Sword(Dark Blue) being a drastically different color?

Unless they’re Toa Tools specifically, weapons shouldn’t have to “match”


Dark tan indeed!

Thanks for explaining that, Nyran. My thoughts exactly. :slight_smile:

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Let me start by saying how awesome this moc is awesome! I love, love, love custom masks since they add to the uniqueness to the moc. The body, mask, legs and arms are all properly sized to fit each other which is something most people forget/don’t think about. One thing I’d have to complain about would that the weapons don’t fit the colour scheme but then again that’s not a big thing. One way I’d fix this is to add more transparent light blue and white the moc but besides that, epic moc!

Seriously a great moc and don’t forget… to keep mocing!

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Beautiful, as always! Dark tan, silver and trans light-blue work very well together!

Fairly certain it’s the whole head, not just a mask. Not everything in the Bionicle universe wears a Mask.

Why does anyone care about this?
If I started wielding the Sword of Omens, would I have to paint myself silver with Black and red accents?


short answer: yes (but in all seriousness i agree with you)

Also this moc is perrrty cool

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Sorry, my mistake. Not all creatures in the universe of BIONICLE have masks but infact have heads as well without masks.

As for the second quote I did infact add after that it’s not a bid deal.

this is a tablescrap to you?

  • goes into a corner and crys*
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Well, yes.
Not all my tablescraps are simple and not all my serious MOCs are complex.


I love the use of the foot for the head. I don’t know exactly what it is about it, but I really dig it.

I wish that I could do that with table scraps

Now that’s cool. I think the blades sold it for me… don’t know why though. Also looks a bit cluttered on the chest