DiamondKing's art competition

Hi everyone I'm beginning an art competition.

The rules are:
You must post one piece of art every day for 3 weeks
You can miss one day, so long as you post 2 pieces of art the day after
You can post art you have previously uploaded onto the boards, but only once on this topic.
You MUST post it on this topic
Fail any of these and you're out
MOCs are allowed

I am accepting competitors until 7.00pm 5th Feb (uk time). It then takes place from that time onwards (you have to post a piece if artwork on the 5th, only if you want to). Just reply saying you want to compete and you will be added

Dates: 7.00pm 5th Feb 2016
Until 11.00pm 26th Feb 2016 UK time

The people who are left at the end get their likes counted and the person with the most likes wins.
If you have any questions or think the rules could be improved state below or pm me, and I will then update the rules if they're not clear enough. Lets have fun :smile:


Out of the competition:

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7:00pm 5th of Feb? What time is that in Australia? Up art from that, I might wanna sign up or somethin

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You should be able to check online, I think in Australia you are 10 hours ahead of the Uk, so it about 4:48 pm there I'm guessing, from this message at least

@AdamusTheFirst you've been added

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It's 7:00pm here. Can't find anything on time zones for tomorrow
Edit: 7:00pm UK time is about 6:00am here, so I'll do it

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You're kidding right?

That's insane.


he is right

most of us are not Artists
and last time a competition happened no body done anything


Could they post 21 pieces of art at the very end? (Just a question)

I'll ENTER! Does any artwork count (paintings, photography, sketches?)


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I already am doing something like this.

You get three days in mine.
But mine is already done taking anymore challengers.

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What @ToaVoriki said, so are you in

@ToaVoriki you been added, MOCs are also allowed as I count it as essentially a sculpture in a way, and photos, paintings, drawings, anything is allowed, I hope you enjoy the competition

@GIF.Man.Ben cool, I guess you're not joining then. If so that is a shame :frowning: . You are allowed to miss one day, so long as you post 2 pieces of art the day after

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so can I enter, I feel like this'll get my creativity flowing again

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Well, since this is only three weeks rather than a year, I'll join.

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would we need to post here or make a new topic for entries?

Post here please, I'll add that to the rules.
Ok I'm extending the time for competitors, now they have until 11.00pm 5th Feb (today) uk time. If you have any trouble with this alteration, please PM me.

This applies to:

so the competition started already right? Or did I miss the first day already :clock11:

Blam something already from the boards

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Well ok then, I present my moc Toa Voriki!


That my friend is an amazing piece of art.

Oh, I wasn't aware we were starting now:

warning, shameless plug incoming

Here's a drawing of Melum from my own art topic ( know one of his spikes wasn't colored, shut up) and if he looks off, that's because I had to google him, as I do not own the set. I'll post some better drawings later.


Here's my first one then

That is meant to be a drawing of a Henry Moore sculpture. Excuse poor picture quality

@Ninjanicktf his fists remind of Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog.