DiamondKing's MOC topic

So here I’m just going to showcase my MOCs and how they have changed over time.

This was my first MOC, Iserif.

This was my second, Galkor.

Here is Volsuk v1 my first self MOC, I wasn’t really happy with it though

This was Volsuk v2, I just went for more custom limbs and streamlined head

Here is Iserif v2/Colrar.
@MyAlexDk suggested turning Iserif into a grim reaper. So as you can see, I did. I also made him my new self MOC.

So what do you think?

Have I improved over time?

Which is your favourite and why

And just give general feedback on any of them.

I will update this topic as I create more MOCs.

Thanks for viewing and I hope you like


You can absolutely see the development in your MOC’ing skills, my favorite is still Iserif v2


My favorite character was the dinosaur book.

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