Diarus oversoul form (god mode)

Diarus is the strongest in the universe, he has proven that many times, but sometimes this Makuta can’t hold back any longer and has to got to go 5,000,000% and he activates his ultimate form, oversoul transformation.

(Oh god what a mess) that’s right, those foolish toa aren’t winning this time, or probably ever again… because… ya know… they’ll be… kinda dead, but this guy is huuuuugggggeee, and I thought Kardas was big.

Well the bad news is I don’t have a shelf to put him on, the good news is… at least I now have an excuse for having very few pieces :grin:


Well at least this actually kind of looks powerful and overwhelming. However, there is a lack of symmetry in the lower legs along with a color scheme that is all over the place. When I think of a Makuta, I think of a being that is in black. Maybe with shades of red. Might want to give him a Kraakhan.


I know that you like to bring up powerful characters such as Beerus from Dragonball to compare your Makuta MOCs. However, Beerus served an important purpose of keeping order in the universe through destruction and is overall a neutral character and antihero in Dragonball Super. This is a Makuta and is meant to be a straight up antagonist. The story needs to be resolved with the defeat of the antagonist. If I were you I would do one of two things:

  1. Make the character serve an important role in the universe and be neutral. He can still be powerful and insane to ridiculous levels, but since he would serve an important role, he would not nearly be as much of a threat. Also, make him have a weakness in personality towards certain things. For example, with Beerus, it was Earth’s cuisine. I’m pretty sure your universe would have some sort of object that your Makuta would take liking to. This object would make your Makuta less inclined to destroy/take over everything.

  2. The traditional route, tone down the power or have the heroes go through some sort of power up through training or some other process in order to eventually defeat the Makuta.

  3. Make this character a parody of the overpowered villain trope. This character is already hilarious with his small head, design, and ridiculous power.


Wait what.


Colors don’t mix well and the head is too small. Proportions are wack


Would Diarus destroy those who would criticise its build?


I think you just summed up this build for us; everything’s a mess.


Your math disturbs me.

Does this mean he has the strength of 5,000,000 men, or 5,000,000 versions of himself, and why exactly would he need to hold back if he’s the strongest in the universe? What good would more power do him? The issue here is that you’re trying to make power level determine how evil your character is. No, why is he evil? What are his motivations? Where did he come from? How does he see himself? Those are just a few questions you should be asking yourself when you’re writing this character, I’d also, this a bit of personal preference, not go the edgiest rout possible. If you really want this character to be memorable, do something uncommon, that people probably haven’t seen before. Absurdly powered villains have been done time and time again, Diarus doesn’t need more power, he needs more character. Imagine, if you will, a Diarus motivated by fear of the Toa, unknown are their true intentions, unknown is the full extent of their power, and Diarus would be distrustful of them .He believes that while the Toa put on fake smiles for the Matoran, Diarus sees them for what they truly are, and has prepared accordingly for when they decide to drop their façade. Anywho, that was just an example of something you could do for the character, Giving him motive, as well as planting the thought that he’s the ‘hero’ of the story. While this might not be the actual case, it’s more believable for a villain to see themselves as the hero, as no-one does anything purely for the sake of being evil. I look forwards to seeing what you come up with.


@Traykar I don’t think he is going to listen, because we tried to reason with him before with these ridiculously overpowered “villains” just for the sake of them being powerful without any good character motive. Look at his history.

I really would like him to change, as everyone would. But how it stands he is going to continue making stupid overpowered characters that rival Saitama in ridiculousness. The main difference between this and One Punch Man is that One Punch Man is a parody of the overpowered trope. He wants us to take his creation seriously. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen with this approach.

I liked Pyraxis much better than I like this MOC in terms of design alone. This MOC needs a lot of revamping in both story and design.


Well you can’t fault a guy for trying




Having all capital letters in a sentence is not grammatically correct either.

  1. No he is not 5,000,000 times stronger than himself he is 50,000 times stronger than his normal 100%
  2. He isn’t just a neutral villain, diarus is the makuta of this universe and like all other makuta his job was to make sure the universe was in balance which he does
  3. Stop saying I’m not listening to advice, this is just something completely devoid from that, and it’s just something I wanted to show off

Yet when it’s done on purpose it is funny.

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It’s the power of 5,000 Dairuses.

100% = 1 Dairus. 5,000,000 = 5,000 Dairuses.

Further consulting my math, 100 percent is the maximum amount of power that Dairus can hold at any given moment, if he can hold five thousand times more power than what you said his hundred percent was, then what you said his hundred percent was, wasn’t actually his hundred percent. So if he has 5,000 times the power that 1 him had previously, I can make the fraction, 1/5,000. When I divided the five thousand from one, it gave me .0002, which is the equivalent of .02/100. When turned into a percentage, it’s .02% of his power. So he really went from being able to use .02% of his power to being able to use all of it.

  1. The Makutas’ job was to create the Rahi of the Matoran universe.

  2. You say that you’re listening to the advice, yet you continue to do the same thing that we advise against.


This sounds overpowered for the sake of being overpowered, and not because it’s actually logical with the story.

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Oh you’ll see later

I think there’s a slight flaw in making a clearly overpowered character without a proper place in a story to only consider and fix that after the fact.


thats kinda overkill, but i kinda like it too :slight_smile:

Since I own Kardas, and this Moc is depicted next to an Inika build version of himself, I can’t say he looks bigger than Kardas. Just Kardas’ torso alone is bigger than an Inika build. Can’t say I was too impressed by this, but it’s a definite improvement from his previous form.

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I’m sorry, but it is it ugly, but not in a good way

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