Diary of A Wimpy Kid Movies

So, everyone knows that there have been three Wimpy Kid movies based on the books. And I liked them a lot, because they came out when I was younger and I was reading the books for the first time.
But, turns out a movie based on The Long Haul is coming out, with an entirely recasted cast. So, what are your thoughts?

(This is mostly meant to be a discussion for The Long Haul, but I’ve just decided to make it a full Wimpy Kid topic.)


I don’t know if that’s a good thing, I’ve never seen the movies.

But from watching the trailer they look bogus, so a new cast might help.

TBH these have always looked dumb to me.

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I think I watched the first one a while back, and thought it was okay because I liked the books. Although if I think a movie is “okay”, if I watched it now, I’d say otherwise.

I probably won’t see The Long Haul. I might at a second-run theater, or on Netflix, but that’s it.

I didn’t do either and I’m glad

Enjoyed the first three. They were pretty funny and had a great cast. This new one however… eh, no. It doesn’t look good at all.

The first one was fine IMO, the next two were hilarious.

Long Haul looks like a disappointment.

I’m mostly disappointed in these films. Books master race.

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N o t m y R o d r i c k


I can already tell this new one is gonna be bad by just looking at the cast


This one is just an anthology film, not another trilogy of masterpieces sadly

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The Long Haul: A Diary of a Wimpy Kid Story


Diary of a wimpy kid needs to kill off more characters to be successful tbh


Yes we need that in the book series aimed at kids that revolves the life of a middle school kid doing middle school things.


I´ve never read any of the books, or watched any movies, but I´ll just say…



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I saw them a while back and enjoyed them well enough, never considered them that great or terrible even back then. Never read the books though.

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“Don’t choke on your aspirations, Rowley.”
-Fleet Admiral Darth Greg to Director Rowlet


I enjoyed the first few books in elementary and early middle school, though the first movie and Dog Days (I never saw Rodrick Rules) didn’t really catch on to me. Sure it had some of the humor I enjoyed from the books, but the films otherwise were very “meh”. As for the new film, I don’t really have a solid opinion on it but- is Diary of a Wimpy Kid really relevant enough today that a new film had to be made after four years?

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I used to think the books and movie were okay, but now I just really don’t like them. The new movie looks even worse. Really, REALLY bad. Greg looks like he’s literally a preschooler.

But yeah.



I still get the books but yeah, it’s lost the popularity it used to have.


Quite honestly, I consider the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films to be some of the worst YA film adaptations in the last 10 or 15 years.

That said, the books were and remain some of the funniest things that I’ve ever read.