Did any Matoran actually die during 2001-2003 story arc?

Aside from Jaller who was revived soon after.
But all those Rahi and Bohrok attacks, plus thr naturaldisasters occuring from time to time.


Maybe. I was able to find two instances where Greg answered a similar question:

Both of these answers have some level of ambiguity to them, but they both suggest very few deaths, if any.

(Also, in MNOG, Jala makes a reference to “losing warriors”, but the canonicity of that statement is unclear.)


Actually, Kopeke confirmed that those Ta-Matoran were taken by Makuta’s Rahi, and were never found. And Kopeke said he would have shared the same fate, literally frozen to death, if Takua didn’t use the heatstone from a hut, to unfreeze him.


Greg told me that there were 1,006 Matoran before Vakama and the others became Toa Metru, and that there were 999 Matoran remaining after Takua became Takanuva, meaning that no Matoran died during the 1,000 years they were on Mata Nui. Search “Turaga Of Force” on the Greg archive if you want exact quotes.

Surel-nuva, where did Kopeke say that?

Here’s Kopeke’s quote from the game:

The Makuta led them into the ice, and I fear they will not return. Had you not come and saved me, I would be facing a similar fate.

Death is implied but kept ambiguous, as early BIONICLE had strict policies against violence.

It has already been retconned that not only 1,000 matoran lived on Metru Nui, but thousands of Matoran.

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between makuta mehcinations, wild or corrupted rahi, natural threats and plain accidents, there had to be some over time. now that i think about it, a story focused on a matoran only quest that includes some casualties would be rather interesting.

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Other than that we only know Jaller dies and was promptly revived (we do not have a confirmed Red Star duplicate) and Mavrah, of which we know is a Red Star zombie.

Mavrah’s not a zombie:

I didn’t mean a zombie in the sense of Romero/Russo reanimated corpse, rather that he is revived.