Did any Matoran actually die during 2001-2003 story arc?

Aside from Jaller who was revived soon after.
But all those Rahi and Bohrok attacks, plus thr naturaldisasters occuring from time to time.


Maybe. I was able to find two instances where Greg answered a similar question:

Both of these answers have some level of ambiguity to them, but they both suggest very few deaths, if any.

(Also, in MNOG, Jala makes a reference to “losing warriors”, but the canonicity of that statement is unclear.)


Actually, Kopeke confirmed that those Ta-Matoran were taken by Makuta’s Rahi, and were never found. And Kopeke said he would have shared the same fate, literally frozen to death, if Takua didn’t use the heatstone from a hut, to unfreeze him.