Did Power Rangers Help Bionicle?

I didn’t now where else to put this, as I was looking for Bionicle Autopsy, but here’s a question for Varderan if he sees this. When Bionicle first came to shelves, Power Rangers Time Force was airing on Fox Kids. Power Rangers to this day is still the highest rated kids’ show in the world, so my question is: Do you think that the success of Power Rangers had something to do with the early success of Bionicle? I’d like to hear other people’s feedback on this, and maybe even Var’s as well.


What exactly is the correlation between Power Rangers and Bionicle? I see no reason why Bionicle’s success would have a significant impact on the Power Ranger’s TV show.


OK, this is probably because of how I viewed Bionicle at the time (basically as Lego’s answer to Power Rangers because I was young and dumb), but when Bionicle first came out, I was a big Power Rangers fan (I still am today, but not as much as I was when I was 10), so I was drawing a lot of comparisons between the two – a team of multicolored heroes fighting off an evil force and his minions. At the time, Power Rangers was beating out even Transformers when it came to toys for young boys in sales, and I was just wondering if anyone else had viewed Bionicle the same way I had.

I see. But that’s an entirely different question.

I’d suggest changing your title to something more accurate to what your asking.

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While there are certain similar aspects - i don’t think Power Rangers influenced Bionicle’s development. We already had teams of multicolored heroes when we had things such as The Avengers or The Justice League that predated the release of Power Rangers and the Sentai that inspired it.

I believe the inspiration for the varying colours was just based off the elements, it seemed like a natural progression from the Throwbots/Slizers who had colours matching their elements. Though i have no confirmation on this, it is possible that maybe someone watched Power Rangers and that contributed to the idea of them making the sets have varied colours, however i still believe that was based off representing the elements.

Also, not sure this is the right topic…


@Scarilian Possibly.

Okay, let’s think of it this way – does the success of one toy line influence the success of another? Do people sometimes draw parallels between various toy lines despite having nothing in common?

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Power Rangers didn’t help BIONICLE, but you could make a strong argument that Lord of the Rings did.

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I let’s see here, Both have Red Guys as Team Leaders, Both fought Monsters, & Both wears Masks/Helmets. The major Problem is back in 2001 Power Ranger was not popular anymore because of the POKeMON craze back in the Late 90’s to Early 2000’s,and BIONICLE was more in the lines of POKeMON than Power Rangers.

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There’s very little correlation between the 2 series. I don’t think either which one helped another.

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interesting concept…

The two share a few similaritties but I don’t think PR had much if any influence on Bionicle’s success. If it had any I would expect it to be covering a few in the PR fanbase to Bionicle rather than the mainstream audience.

How so? The fantasy setting?

The worlds, the characters, the magical artifacts…


I mean, sure you can draw similarities, but that doesn’t mean they relate. Bionicle just put a spin on common kids’ fantasy hero tropes…

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Interesting idea, but I don’t think they are similar enough to have helped each other.

It might have created some influence. I’m not sure if it’s enough to comment on, but I think the idea of a multicolored team may have been slightly inspired.

Keep in mind that Bionicle was created in Denmark so mainstream American television shows may not have been their initial influence, though it still could’ve…?

Super Sentai helped a lot of things, not just Bionicle. It arguably changed western cartoons during the 90s and onwards. Such Influences can be seen in things such as Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, Pacific Rim, Steven Universe, Transformers, Power Puff Girls, My Little Pony…and almost any popular theme and unique theme LEGO has made, including Bionicle.

When I talk about influences, its not just the skin deep appearance thing, it goes deeper to the thematics and elements of what super sentai had brought to the western audiences and it also shaped how japanese animations are structured as well.

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