Did the Toa Mata Die?

Since this isn’t primarily to G2 I’m not posting this in the discussion topic. Also it’s 1:30am at the time I’m piecing this together so sorry for no pictures.

Recently I have been working on my own take of G3, and part of that is stitching up G1 and G2.

While doing so I may have stumbled across something that is possibly an unused story element for the connection between G1 and G2… I’m sure someone else has brought this up in some capacity…

In 2015 we were introduced to the Protectors and Villagers. I always found it an odd design choice that they had identical masks. Especially since they had a mask maker, unique masks for each toa, etc;

We also were introduced to the infamous Mask of Creation, which was a thing in G1 as well as the hints of the Vahi.

The story itself, as you all agreed, felt bland, and to me seemed too convenient. I get making a story easy to follow but there’s a point where even in-story it feels scripted. I didn’t start getting more pieces until we reached Ekimu’s tomb.

  1. Why would they bury Ekimu with a Protector mask?

  2. Why was Ekimu still alive, and if he was revived why did it just happen to be after the toa were summoned?

Come JTO we get the Uniter forms. Now tell me I haven’t been the only one who’s noticed that the United masks are a cross between the Protector masks and the 2015 masks?

Okay, so what am I getting at here?

Well let’s add some G1 influence to things, since they are connected. The Mask of Creation in G1 is with Artakha, the opposite of Karzhani. If Karzhani literally represented hell, that means Artakha is heaven. Wherever the Mask of Creation is at is the Bionicle heaven.

So what I’m understanding is that anyone who dies and goes to Artakha wears the Protector mask, kind of like how all the dead are buried in identical coffins. Except for the toa they have to be eased into it, and clearly you’re not going to tell them they died so scripting out a story that they can feel included to seems like the best bet.

Not to mention that every instance we’ve seen the Vahi used has been to attempt destroying or successfully destroying someone or something. I’ve had thoughts that the Vahi doesn’t actually mess with time but acts like a Recall system, but I really need sleep so I’m ending this post here before my tablet hits my face.

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g2 plot? whats that?

They likely have no other mask to give him since MoC was lost.

He was in a deep coma, the Toa use their power to resurrect him.

Unsure, all we know that Ekimu crafted them for the Toa next adventure.

Actually, Lego planned to connect both MoT from separate timeline/universe, but was drop entirely since one of the styleguide was never release.


That’s… not entirely true. While yes, Karzahni is supposed to be a metaphor for hell, it isn’t a 1:1 comparison. If you’re sent to Karzahni, you’re still alive, just in need of repairs (or your Turaga is insane but I imagine that’s an exceptional case). If you were to die in the Matoran Universe, you go to the Red Star, but that’s an entirely different argument. Point is, Artakha and Karzahni aren’t actually heaven and hell.

also sorry for necroing this, it just kinda peeved me a little :stuck_out_tongue: