Did you know...? (Ninjago Crystalized spoiler)

Did you know about the Overlord’s role in the creation of the Great Devourer when you wrote the Tomb of the Fangpyre Comic?

So in the newest season of Ninjago it was revealed that the Overlord created the Great Devourer. In the Comic “Tomb of the Fangpyre” the Ninja found out that the Great Devourer was touched by a darkness that roamed throughout Ninjago in the early days. Since the comic was considered non-canon many people ignored that bit of information, but some thought that this referred to the Overlord. I am asking because there seems to be some uncertainty on whether the origin story of the Devourer as a result of the Overlord’s corruption was always intended to be like this or whether this was another retcon of the show.


I don’t think it was specifically said it was the Overlord in the story bibles at that time, I think it was just referred to as a great darkness.