Dieres toa of psionics

I was busy preparing for exams but I just stopped caring and decided to take pictures of my mocs instead
Here is Dagarak’s partner Dieres the defender on the thinking cave

She is rather short for a Toa being the shortest among her teammates and not that much taller than a matoran however she is still capable of wielding her powerful axe
Her ‘tails’ are able to sense forms of thought, this helps in locating hidden enemies
Her axe is a powerful weapon with the ability to make minor changes to fit the situation
She may not be the best moc but there is something about her form that I like, maybe it’s the ability to pose like this despite the rather simple build


Could use some shoulder padding, but that’s just me.
Liking the simplicity.

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The build is a bit awkward, but not bad by any means.

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I wish Lego had made Toa sets back in the day for the vast majority of other elements. Iron, Psionics, and plasma are my favorites and I love the color schemes chosen for them.

By the way, I really like the MOC.

Pretty neat. The color set is always a winner in my book.