Different approach for the Air & Water Raahkshi [Pitch]

I think during the podcast, there’s complications between these two raahkshi. In summary, we’re giving the right powers to the wrong Raahkshi.

It would make much more sense to give the power of gravity to the air Raahkshi. Not only because of relevance to the element, it could also symbolize what he wants to do with the Kanae government; bring them down to his level (an orphan) through whatever means necessary, even if it means murder.

For the water Raahkshi, giving her(?) the power of poison would also relate to the element (poisoning water supply), but it could also work on irony. I say keep the Aqua-Man-esque motivation that Naho should separate itself even further from the island, but pay more attention to why. Maybe she could be a little crazy even before becoming Raahkshi, and she’s paranoid that the other regions will lead Naho wayward, poisoning its morals, while in reality, she’s the one poisoning the rest of the island.

That has already been discussed. My initial pitch that they brought up at the beginning of the episode had all the rahkshi swap opponents at first to give some good internal struggles. They said they didn’t want the swap, which made my idea for gravity pointless to keep. Now Gravity is Corrosion and Psionics is Mirages.

If you want to see that pitch I had, it is here.

Poison is for air because the rahkshi do not represent traditional elements. Lerahk was always of poison. Guurahk was of water. Turahk of fear, etc. (When was Guurahk of gravity?!) Also, it’s rahkshi, not raahkshi.

Guurahk was gravity in a pitch that I made early on. It was a whole setup to have certain rahkshi powers against certain toa to cause some good internal struggles for them to overcome. But the cast had only discussed a side pitch I had, which mentioned those rahkshi powers, so they didn’t get the full purpose behind the choice and scrapped gravity for corrosion.

That makes more sense. Corrosion is kind a like a mix of gravity and disintegration when you think about it :thinking: