Difia the Royal Thief

“Justice does not hold us back,It Forges us into the ones we are today”

Difia was born to House Marakai. The house was based on a code that the rich and the poor are equal.As Difia grew up she became a great Aventure and anything out of reach is already hers.But after a heist to steal Honingtauian artefacts she has proclaimed to be thief.But that is only a minor setback as she Roams all around Sarrassarr waiting for a opening to “take” her Next treasure.
Close Up



This is her New Giant Chakram SIXNA

And she has okay Weapon storaage

and…waitwhere did she get that rifle from?


The socket on the chest is weird, but good none the less.

Interesting…I like it! the chakram is nice(Reminds me of something though…) DEFINETLY like the Rifle, and her over all design definetly fits a Thief. (Would have used a little more black but that’s just me XD)

Yuffies from Final Fantasy Seven?

Sivrs Acient Blade From League of Legends

The Rifle is not hers…Dunno where she got it

nah it is from another videogame for me XD

… … …need to keep a better eye on your “Thief” XD

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It kind of reminds me of a warrior one of these:

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Not bad at all.

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The MOC looks good, but please do tell me what mouse that is!

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Cannot remember but it is PERFECT for playing League

Also do you have any reccomendations for the next MOC Rework?