Digimon World/Story

I’m surprised that there isn’t a thread for this here, considering how a lot of people who bought the original Playstation also played the original Digimon World. This thread is meant for fellow Gamers to talk about one of the most interesting game series to come out of the '90s.

Some information for the uninitiated: Digimon was originally made by Bandai/Namco as a V-pet simulator (Digital Monster). Specifically as a male targeted counterpart to their other successful V-pet line: Tamagochi. Afterwards came Digimon World (a game that put V-pet mechanics in an JRPG setting) manga and an anime.

Though similar to Pokemon, neither is a rip-off of the other and they’re both a victim of their respective anime incarnations being thought of as their original starting point by the average joe. Lately Digimon Story has gained traction, which forgos the V-pet mechanics of the World games and instead opts for more of a Persona gameplay style. The most recent games in the series available on the PS4 right now are Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Digimon World Next Order, and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory. If you haven’t tried the series out I highly recommend doing so! It’s very unique in its themes and lore.

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I am surprised there wasn’t a thread already too.

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Lately the franchise has started to grow, thanks to the recent games and Digimon Tri. I thought it was about time to have a place to discuss it all. Cyber Sleuth has one of my favorite stories out of the entire medium, and I can’t recommend it enough to people.

The digimon world ost is lit

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Most Digimon games usually have surprisingly unique and memorable music. I think I’ll always remember my Digimon getting wiped out in a tough fight for the first time while playing Next Order, only to suddenly trigger an Extra Cross Evolution (sudden DNA digivolution) and then absolutely destroying my enemy all while this song plays in the background:

I enjoyed the um sword wielding one… I think it was world 4? It surprising had a good sound track too. Didn’t get good reviews though.

Even though the rumble games aren’t in this. I loved the rumble games

I can’t remember fully, but I think Digimon World 4 was also a loose tie-in to the Digital Monsters X-Evolution movie, which did have good reviews for the most part. You can watch it on YouTube if you don’t mind subbed Japanese. I will say that the animation quality itself hasn’t aged too well, but the story is pretty complex and sets up for future narratives that appear in anime seasons like Savers (Data Squad), Digimon Adventure Tri, and even Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

Yggdrasil (who also gives orders to the Royal Knights) always makes for an interesting villain.

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I watched it a couple years back actually.
Wait it tied into Savers? I thought he was a just a different one in this one. How did it tie into Tri? :thinking:

Digimon has a confusing continuity

Yggdrasil is lowkey one of the best villains in the shows/movies

Nah, it doesn’t tie into Savers canonically, other than carrying in Yggdrasil and the flawed (yet realistic if you look at human history and our own rulers) logic he always has.

All seasons are their own respective continuities, besides Adventure 01, 02, and Tri. It was confusing for me when I was younger, too.

Actually the WonderSwan games tie Ryo from tamers into the Adventure continuity.

But then Xros Wars 2 is another weird thing.

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I’m not sure that’s canon though, since Adventure is a tv show in Tamers and the digital world was created by humans, rather than being an totally different plane of reality that has always existed like in every other incarnation of the franchise.

Xros Wars operates on the idea that all of these parallel universes exist and can be connected. Digimon World Re:Digitize, Next Order, and the Cyber Sleuth games also feature the multiverse as a canon thing.

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A lot of the spin-off games to the anime are really weird. They never really specify if they’re canon though.

I wish I could’ve played the new ones due to my lack of a console. oof

You could probably emulate Digimon World Re:Digitize. It only came out in Japan, but there was an excellent fan translation of the ROM. All you need is a PSP emulator.

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