[Digital Render] Avali Nexus Ship (Starbound|Fan-Created Race)

[Digital Render] Avali Nexus Ship (Starbound|Fan Race) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

This is Nexus, a basic one-person interstellar ship built by Avali, fan-created species for the indie sandbox space-exploration game Starbound.

The model was created as a reward for my latest Patron Vezrak.

Here’s a rotational GIF as a bonus:


is that from subnautica?

Anyway looks good. Nice and sleek

Have you read the description at all?

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yes but
A) i was joking around
B) it feels like it is very Subnautica-esk
c)i have no idea what starbound is (soz i guess)

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I did not know that, it was joke at my expense.

To you - yes. But it’s not Subnautica. You saying “looks like X” is basically disrespecting me as a creator.

Cool beans.

i meant no disrespect. You based it on something i didn’t know; i identify it with something i have seen.

Anyway i liek the orange highlights and the black at both ends of the ship. The use of blue studs as engines at the back is very neat and the grey works well as it is a mixture of black and white, 2 colours on the ship

What you basically have done is disregarded the source material that you didn’t know by attributing the model to something you know, and then, when you find out you’ve done something wrong, you tried to shrug it off as an unfunny joke.

And only after that you finally come around to offer some wholesome feedback, which I appreciate by the way, don’t get me wrong here.

What I am saying is, you could’ve started with this feedback and it would’ve been a hella better experience for us both.

Thank you.

No i did not disregard the source material i knew it was from starbound from the description but without comparing to the original i judge it for what it is. the orange and white are basically the subnautica colours so its why i thought “hey that thing would fit into the end of subnautica as well as the game it was intend for” so i made a little joke which in MY opinion was funny and you took it way to seriously and then said i tried to shrug it off as onewhich is a tad insulting

Maybe you can explain me what’s in the joke? Humor me.

the sort of fake excited toned joke, it hard to describe in chat

So it was a joke at my expense. Gee thanks. I think we’re done here.

never said it wasnt i said i wasnt trying to shrug off

Kinda looks like something you’d see in Lego Universe.

I dunno. I don’t remember any particular LEGO Universe designs.

Anyways this ship looks fantastic I love the panel detailing and the wing design.

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Pretty coolio, are the back upright thrusters supposed to articulate?

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Not really. They are fixed, but can be folded in. Honestly I didn’t give much thought to how the thrusters work, I just used a bunch of concept art to figure out the general shape, the amount of wings, etc.
You probably have the right idea tho lol.

I hope you don’t mind me asking how you get the LDD file to look so good. Do you use a specific program?

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Yeah, There’s a fan-created utility that converts LDD files into a .POV format. The .POV format belongs to the POV-Ray Tracer, a demanding, old, but still pretty neat program that uses light source to trace a 3D object.
The converter has some nifty setting also.
After the model is done tracing/rendering, I post-process it in Adobe Photoshop.

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