[Digital Render] Kraata-Kal

[Render] Kraata-Kal by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

He is extremely ambitious and has more than once ignored his mission objectives in the interests of his own profit. The last time this happened, I had Vezok show him how easily armor can be shattered when you know how.”
— The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

This is Kraata-Kal, a prodigal son to the very Makuta Teridax.
Once upon a time Makuta decided to experiment with mysterious energy known as Kal and exposed a Kraata of his own making to it. The resulting creature proved to be too intelligent, and with ambitions worth of his heritage, so soon after Kraata-Kal received himself a heavily modified Rahkshi-like exo-skeleton, he left the home shores of Destral towards the new beginning as the Dark Hunter.

This model is made in the likeness of my spouse‘s depiction of Kraata-Kal.

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I really like this, although I’m not a fan of the tail placement
Great moc :thumbsup:

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It’s Kraata Kal’s own tail. It’s not a part of the exoskeleton, in theory. Thanks.

Having seen the official submission, this really MOC the cleans up a lot of the faults present. How similar it is aesthetically to your Teridax MOC really conveys that this beast was born from Teridax’s essence. It also strikes me as a lot deadlier given how clean and sharp it looks.


Thank you! %)

Niiice. especially love the head

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Thanks man. =)

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This is… Really cool, honestly. The shaping really works out well for this kind of model, and the concept of redoing Dark Hunters in a more proper style is intriguing… Makes me want to restart my Shadow Stealer MOC.

Nicely done!

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Danke! <3

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Sweet. It’d be awesome to see this in a proper physical form.

One can certainly dream. It’s not meant to be though.

Very, very nice. I like his concept, but Kraata-Kal’s design always fell short to me.
This. THIS is what he needed. Much more monsterous than the original, very nice work.