[Digital Render] PRAWN Suit (Subnautica)

Here’s something that is not Bionicle, for a change…

[Render] Prawn Suit (Subnautica) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

“It is normal when first piloting a PRAWN suit to feel a sense of limitless power at your fingertips. Professional PRAWN operators receive weeks of training to counteract this phenomenon. You will have to try not to let it go to your head.”
―PDA, Dialogue (source)

The P.R.A.W.N. Suit (Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nanosuit) (Mk.III) is a powered suit of armor, designed for use in both the deep-sea and space - capable of affording protection to a pilot whilst maintaining maximum dexterity with hydraulic limbs and a reinforced canopy. It is however not directly worn - rather it is a large frame that can be piloted in a seated position. Unlike the other vehicles in Subnautica, the Prawn Suit walks along the ocean floor, only using thrusters to move vertically.

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I suppose it’s a little on the simple side, but I really do like the leg design. 8/10

I don’t really appreciate the “score”-like feedback. But at least you follow it up with some thoughts on the design itself, which is always a plus.

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Sorry if I offended you, I just find it makes my opinion on the MOC more clear.

You did not offend me, just irritated me slightly.
For me, though, the score dehumanizes an opinion: you can just drop a score without giving it too much thought or giving any significant feedback to the author and walk away feeling accomplished, which I don’t think is the right course of action.

But I digress.

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The recent flood of mocs from you is really refreshing. They are pretty good.

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Thank you! =)

I like the shaping of the cockpit and the feet
It reminds me a lot of the mechs from invasion from below and a bit of the toa mahri

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Thank you!

Ayy, it actually does! I didn’t quite realize that. The mahri of course due to submarine theme of the game, and, by extension, the mech. =)

This is just awesome.

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Ok now this I find awesome! Love subnautica!
Ever hear of the game SOMA? You might find it interesting design wise.

I love this game. Never played it but watched Markiplier playing it through. I dig the setting, the aesthetics and the story.

Also thanks! <3

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Ditto here! Saw the entire thing and it was amazing! Both for the creepy yet cool design of the areas and monsters and how the story went, gotta feel sad for the guy still in the robot body though, sure a copy of him got out of there but now he’s stuck, alone.

Also welcome!

Coincidentally, a name of a SOMA song by Miracle of Sound. :smiley:

Another great horror game is the new Prey. Might as well try my hand at Morgan Yu someday. :smiley:

Good choice! Been watching Mark’s play through a and they’re both hilarious and fascinating, also, XD
Can’t believe I accidently used a SOMA song name!