[Digital Render] Toa Avotai (Technorealm AU OCs)


Oh great, now I have to stay on topic.

Swell weapon design liking the added Mata-foot design as well.

The most basic of the bunch, those asymmetrical pauldrons works out.

Not liking the robe build due to the System pieces, but the stance and blade still keep this moc up-


Apology, this could’ve been avoided if I PM the user rather than adding nitpick opinions to your mocs. Hope your current situation will recover soon- (or you reply in mobile or something like that)

Literally just found it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You make it sound like you take no pleasure in giving feedback on my models. Maybe I am looking too much into it, then I apologize. I am in a bad place rn.

Ye I made her way before the other two, and back then she was even simpler. Then I modded her to look on the similar level to her teammates.

There just ain’t no way to do clothing out of something else y’know. :yellow_heart