[Digital Render] Toa Avotai (Technorealm AU OCs)

[Render] Team Avotai (Technorealm OCs) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

These three are OC Toa from Technorealm Bionicle AU, part of an RP Adventure me and my spouse are leading for our three friends. All three of them somewhat based off my spouse’s drawing of them. The three are forming a Toa Kaita Sevetu, Spirit of Inspiration, and therefore were dubbed Toa Avotai, which in Matoran Language (developed by Outofgloom) literally means “Toa of the Torch”

[Render] Toa Ferron Avotai (Technorealm OC) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

Ferron is Toa of Iron, a Nynrah Ghost in the past. Unlike all Nynrah Ghosts of Technorealm AU, he never was blessed with visions of blueprints, and never built anything brilliant. One day he saved a wounded Toa that was attacked by the Dark Hunters, who lended their Power to Ferron. Led by strange visions of objects and voices, Ferron is traveling to find his Destiny.

[Render] Toa Rixec Avotai (Technorealm OC) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

Rixec is a Toa of Psionics. She was a monk in a secluded Ce-Matoran monastery when her spiritual leader saw visions of peril and lended Rixec a Toa Stone. Now new-formed Toa of Psionics is on a journey to discover her Destiny.

[Render] Toa Arion Avotai (Technorealm OC) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

Arion is a Toa of Fire. He was just a simple blacksmith from Akamai-worshipping village. His Turaga saw visions of darkness on the North and saw it as a sign to pass down his Toa Stone to Arion. Now Arion travels north to learn about what exactly is wrong and, if such is his Destiny, prevent the disaster.

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Ferron is easily my favourite, the build looks really solid and clean, he pulls off the toa of iron look well, plus the face has a lot of character to it, which i find the other two are somewhat lacking. Overall great work though


I agree with Jayfa, but they all look good


All of the yes to these. I’d really love if I could build these, sadly Lego refuses us cool parts.


And these are now easily my favourite LDD/digital render mocs! Their heads are amazing and the Ferron actually reminds me of how they designed the Bionicle movie characters! Also love the drawing style and might go for that commission thing some time.


My spouse also takes commissions! Here’s the info. Thanks! <3

@Jayfa, @TheMoltenKing, @Brunamal, thank you all! <3

Ooh! The drawings! Awesome! Defintely’ll try to get a couple commissions then! Thanks!

Also checking out that Technorealm AU, looks pretty interesting.

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Thanks! =) Feel free to PM me any questions that may appear after you’ve read all the introductory materials haha.

Really? Thanks, I’ll send a couple after I finish up reading it. =P

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The questions are always welcome. =) Thank you for your interest!

Welcome! Always love to see a good AU, especially a Bionicle one, and one 8 years in the making is definitely a good one!

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Solid, imposing, cool looking… these are great!

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Thank you! <3

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I really like the combination of system and CCBS
Toa Ferron has to be my favorite out of all of them
Great job :thumbsup:

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Nice job. I’m a particular fan of how Toa Ferron came out; the rendering and pose give off a certain animated vibe that makes him quite striking.

Everyone seem to favorite Ferron! (the whole team are my beautiful children so I just can’t pick favorites) xD But thank you!

yet again you amaze me with these digital renders! but wow i didnt think i was that far off the toa of iron look lol keep these coming thay are awsome what tool do u use? is it LDD?

Thank you! <3 I build my MOCs in LDD yes, then I use a fan-created utility to convert LDD files into POV-Ray Tracer format. Then I render a model in POV-Ray. And last, but not least, I perform post-processing in Adobe Photoshop, I.e. subtle changes in coloration, the glow effects, and patching up them goshdarn overexposed surfaces. >>

Ferron has my attention.

What rendering program do you use?