[Digital Render] Toa Thode (Friend's OC)


Thode is a Toa of Plasma and an OC of BobTheDoctor27, from CustomBionicle project.

I was using the depiction of him from the comic Date Night drawn by BionicleChicken: https://bioniclechicken.tumblr.com/tagged/date-night

Thode is a snarky merc and a gun for hire with attitude. Charming fellow.

The postprocess is performed by Demi.


I’m guessing the lower leg build is intentionally custom since LDD would’ve allow that SW shell piece to connect to CCBS limbs naturally.

This is one of those moc that looks good from certain angles.
Not too fond with the System usage around the waist, but points for the sniper gun structure (the nose of the gun is clipping with the semi-transparent model on the left)-

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how, wha-

the arm


All of this is cool, actually

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The true god of CBW.


Is very nice

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This is quite good, Mugbearer. I’m impressed you even got the glowing orange hand looking exactly like it did in the CBW tenth anniversary entry. Well done.

I must ask, what inspired you to add the ponytail? It’s an interesting design choice, to be sure, and I’m curious as to your thinking behind it.

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I could’ve probably flipped it, but I couldn’t be arsed lmao: the ball socket on that Star Wars shell was closer to one edge than to another, to my surprise. Also in its current state it cannot attach to CCBS bones’ midpoint balljoint - seems to be a bug that, nevertheless, have encouraged me to make custom shins. In addition, I did want to make kneepads that wrap around the joint somehow.

Hahah oops. :blush:

The magic of Photoshop in skilled hands.

All props to Demitsorou, they did the postprocessing, and the glowing fist of hot plasma was their idea inspired by BionicleChicken’s comic.

That’s not a ponytail tho, it’s just a singular cord - kind of like what the Protoss from StarCraft have - sticking out of his headpiece.
As to what inspired me… it’s just an artistic choice really. He’s very much spiky all over the place (pauldrons, kneecaps, feet) so I decided it’s only right to slap on a protoss-ish cord that ends with, you guessed it, another spike. :smiley:

Thank you for your feedback people!

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