[Digital Render] Toa Trava (Friend's OC)

[Digital Render] Toa Trava (Friend's OC) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

“I didn’t get my Toa Stone from anyone, I found it. On the remains of an old corpse that had fallen at the hands of some of the nastier wildlife, the types that I didn’t even know of at the time. I became the outlander of the local Toa. Taking care of the forest, watching for really nasty predators and making sure they weren’t dangerous, taking out poachers, there was a pretty good amount of stuff to do.”

— Trava

This is an OC of my good friend Geardirector, a Toa of Plantlife Trava, commissioned by him as a birthday present.

Rotational GIF:

The photoshop postprocessing is done by my spouse Demitsorou, the rotational GIF was made through Bluerender and Adobe AfterEffects.


The head has a goblin vibe going and the “toes” kinda bugs me.

Color scheme and coverage is well put together-

I based the mask off the drawing made by my spouse: https://68.media.tumblr.com/43ad6777911461019b7b95db9263b22c/tumblr_ourhyn7Egh1r4fmnio1_540.jpg

which draws pretty well if I do say so myself

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Thank you.