[Digital Render] Toa Whakara (friend's OC)

[Render] Toa Whakara (Bionicle OC) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

A Toa of Psionics OC of Atlasavion from her comic “Through eyes of Fire” that is all about hopping to alt dimensions, which is I am a sucker for.

Whakara dons a Kanohi Olmak, the Mask of Dimensional Gate, and has a crossbow as his tool.

Although Atlas made Whakara to be male, I prefer to think of him/them as gender ambiguous, mostly because I didn’t know it’s a “he” until latest strips. >>

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The weapon has a really nice contrast from the rest of the body. The silver/white at her right arm bothers me though.

I like the color scheme
That Olmak looks pretty cool
Nice moc :thumbsup:

I was only following the original design (you can find it in the comic).
Also Whakara is a male Toa of Psionics.

@1000Purse30 Thank you! <3


I really like how the brick-built Olmak came out. With an ordinary Kanohi, you’re more or less confined to a set expression, but this demonstrates the flexibility of a more custom Kanohi, really giving the character more of an identity. The silver also provides a nice contrast to the predominantly gold and dark blue color scheme, distributed enough that it doesn’t look too awkward next to the gold.

Thanks! =) Masks built out of bricks also versatile enough to be modified to fit specific looks and designs. For example, Whakara’s Olmak differs from that of Brutaka. It’s pretty neat huh? =)

And I have read the entirety of that comic that has been released so far! XD
Thought the name sounded familiar!

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Looks awesome, not too many flaws from what I can see, except for some possible posing issues. 9/10

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Posing was a pain for this one haha. :smiley: