Dingus'es Dank WIP's

Here’s just a bunch of WIP’s that Iv’e been working on for a bit:

Just villian, missing a hand…

Just a good guy WIP… Anyway, I guess I just wanted to show of some WIPs. Sorry if the pics are bad…


These all look pretty good so far. I really like the build on the villian.


Very nice job, do they have the same custom skeleton or is there a different for guy on the first picture.

They both have a ball-jointed waist, but besides that, there completely different.

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I really like the leg design of the first one.

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Just a bunch of stuff slapped together… Not my best work.

Dam son, where’d ya find this?

Get it? Because “dank”?


Misspelling is so that it is not censored.

I really like how the villain looks, but not really the hero. Overall, the villain balances it out so that overall, I really like these two.

The “Hero” I built a while ago, so I was pretty rusty back then. But the “Villain” I just built a bit ago.

Neat MOCs! If it’s alright, could you please give a close up of the custom torsos? I’d really appreciate it.

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Here they are…


Thanks a lot! This is really helpful. Do you mind if I use it? I will most definitely give you credit.

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Use them both if you like!

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