Dino Attack/ Dino 2010

AKA that series before lego dinosaurs where theropod dinos(raptors, giant raptors and T-rex) rampage through burning cities and raging jungles with specialized guerrilla troops fighting them

…why did this happen?



I may not know why it happened, but it was a cool thing that happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

When was this a thing? I want. Now.

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Edited title to add its stepbrother

Dino attack was pretty cool.

Big guns and edgy dinos.


I remember this…

In retrospect, this thing was STRANGE…

Lookin’ pretty normal to me


It was pretty cool, to be fair.

But what even…

I always wondered why the dinos were black

maybe some evil scientists made evil jurassic park and released em or something



Well, reptiles are cold blooded. And dark colors absorb sunlight.

But that’s just a theory.

true but

there’s fire in the backgrounds of the set’s boxes…

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Good point…

The game was hardcore for Lego, you go around as a vehicle brutally vaporising Dinosaurs and you can destroy houses and things.

Remember spending quite a while playing it, glad the Biomedia project saved it


It’s pretty funny. I never got a single set from this, and then another user mentioned it the other day, and I had forgot this them existed for almost 5 years.

This is what we are talking about, right?


That is the casual version.

We’re talkin’ about the edgy hardcore shadow hedgeman version from 2005.


I honestly wish I could have gotten a bunch of those sets from Dino attack back when they came out.

Dino was lame in comparison.

My only set from this would be that raptor with the buggy thing

also I forgot the characters had individual bios

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What I find interesting is that Lego made two variants of the sets - one violent one for the American audience, and one peaceful one for the European audience.
Maybe they planned two waves but they ran out of time so just released them seperatley?

I got the Steel Sprinter vs. Mutant Lizard:

…and the T-1 Typhoon vs. T-rex!

That helicopter was just spectacular!

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Are those Dinos CG animated or is it the actual pieces?

Dat helicopter tho…
But this theme was weird.
And extremely edgy…

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