Dino Beast Vs. Furno and Stormer

This is a MoC I created using pieces from Jaw Beast and the Furno Jet Machine. I am not 'involved' or 'interested' in the HF MoCing world. This is just something I built. Enjoy!

Everything included in the MoC.

The Heroes.

The Dino Beast.

Another angle of the Dino Beast.


Interesting creation. I like it.

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No problem. smile

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Loving the Dino-beast!

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It's Grimlock! stuck_out_tongue

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First Guy: Run! It's Godzilla!
Other Guy: It's too small and too plastic-y to be Godzilla.
First Guy: Oh... Run! It's Too-small-and-too-plastic-y-to-be-Godzilla-zilla!
Other Guy: * facepalms *


I really like the HUGE gun you gave Ferno.

How else is he supposed to defend himself? Most of the time, he is useless in fights.

The only real problem I have with this is the head style which unfortunately can't be fixed considering that is the only beast head half in purple. Otherwise, I love it.

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You don't like the overbite arrangement?

Honestly, it looks like a beefed up Jaw Beast. Perhaps claws or some other Dino-like features would help it live up to its name. That isn't to say it looks bad, but it doesn't constitute a new name, IMO.


For some reason, the overbite... bugs me. I really don't know why.

Most dinosaurs, such as the Tyrannosaurus, had overbites. It's just that a MOC like this doesn't have skin covering it.

Other dinosaurs had beaks, which also gave the appearance of an overbite.


It's not that (Mind you that my favorite dinosaur is Spinosaurus and he has quite the overbite himself). I think it just that the upper jaw in the overbite arrangement is too shallow while the lower jaw is too deep.

Once again, beak.

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I only built this from pieces in the Jaw Beast and Furno Machine.

Also, this is an older MoC of mine, so... yeah. I could do better now


At least the upper jaw is larger.

The way it opens also bugs me and it has less attachment points than the lower jaw.