Dinobot Blue

They’re quite smart… hunt in packs…” — the Dino keeper in Jurassic Park

Some say that the island off the coast of Peru is haunted, filled with the ghosts of those who attempted to revive beings from Earth’s past. Others, seeing the decaying remains of an American-style theme park, see it as a monument to humanity’s overweening pride. But they do not know the real reason why it is abandoned…

Blue is a Dinobot warrior stationed on the island once home to Jurassic Park, along with several other Dinobot and a group of hatchlings. She was named after the legendary raptor by Grimlock himself, as he had quite a fondness for the last few dinosaurs on Earth. She is surprisingly fluent in English, though some say she sounds like a Junkion rather than a Dinobot. She is armed with a spear and a retractable Gatling cannon, as well as the standard flamethrower that most Maximals and Dinobot have. Blue’s alt-mode is a mechanical Velociraptor, sometimes with tactical optics on the head in reference to the character for which she was named.


I’m gonna be honest with ya

this just looks like a humanoid assembled out of scribbled lines with a vaguely Mol_makuta look

it’s really hard to tell if there’s any details or if it’s just lines to help fill the space, but I’m having trouble coming up with anything constructive to say because I just can’t tell what’s happening

like, for example, what’s going on with the face?



I’m sorry, I am very bad at drawing faces. I was going for the appearance of the Dinobots in Transformers The Last Knight, like this:


I do see that this is a rather bad approximation of that design. I may have to redesign this later.


I think this is a problem with your transformers drawings in general, they just look like a bunch of incoherent shapes; they don’t look like they transform into anything at all

There’s no vehicle kibble or anything, they’re just slightly differentiated spiky robots with vague faces

the drawings are generally of good quality but they just don’t look like anything specific


Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll make sure to work on it in the future.

Actually, before I start any more drawings, are there any particular characters that you think I should redo? I know that some of the last few actually do have vehicle parts used on them, for instance Loadmaster and Rimfire. Rimfire might not be as clear, but he uses the cylinder of his pistol mode as a torso, and uses the handle as leg armor.



I think adding colour to your drawings could greatly help; different sections of the character would be much more clearly divided

For example, I had no clue that those bits on Rimfire’s legs were supposed to be the handle, but if they were coloured as such I think it’d be a lot more obvious


Another problem I see is that the drawings are very small. It’s obvious that they were drawn at a fairly small scale and you zoomed in with whatever camera you used to photograph, but that doesn’t look very good. I’d recommend making your drawings larger, as it’ll look less cluttered if you use the same pen and it’ll look less blurry when you photograph it.


Yeah, I do also need to that. I think it’s a moot point that my drawing skills need a bit more improvement.