Dinobot Scorn (G1 aesthetic)

The spinosaurus has always been my favorite dinosaur, so obviously I was thrilled when Scorn was announced. However, though I do love his movie deluxe, and think his movie voyager is fine, I’ve always wanted to see Scorn in classic G1 Dinobot aesthetic. So I built it in Lego.


Lets start this in Spino-Dino mode.

From behind.

The other side is uglier, but nothing too bad in my opinion.

He can breath fire.

He’s a tad bit bigger then the AOE deluxe.

Transformation. (Album, click to see)

In robot mode he’s a lean, mean, lancing machine.

As you can see the dino head does just hang of the wrist.

But to fix that he can go full on Beast Wars Megatron.

He’s about a head taller then the AOE deluxe.

He has two accessories, a duel barreled blaster and a sword.

The blaster can be shoulder mounted.

Or handheld.

He’s ready to slice and dice.

He’s going to lance you in the face.

Really happy with this MOC, especially since for the past little bit all my MOCs have been duds, or never ending WIPs.


Yo… this is amazing.

I’d cover up the studs somehow, though, and maybe replace that trans peice on the shoulder with a solid grey one to match the other. Outside of that, I think it’s great.

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I really like this design. It really does fit in with the G1 Dinobots.


Getting good-looking Dino and Robot modes at the same time is very cool.

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Very well done

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Excellent work. I love the shaping (dat spino head) and little things like the double-jointed legs, but it’s the color scheme and layout that I especially love; he feels like he’d fit right in among the classic G1 dinobots.


The spine looks off, but everything else makes up for it
It looks so cool

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Dang this guy is amazing.

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Another StudentScissors original!

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Reslly amazing but for try “G1 aesthetic”, you should use technic

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he’s referring to transformers g1 you dunce

also cool moc yo, welcome to the spino club


Crap. I was thinking in the wrong box.


Very nice!

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I’m honestly amazed. I cannot imagine how much time and thinking goes into making a good looking moc transform into another good looking moc.

Only thing I think needs change is the spikes on his back. They aren’t quite spikes and go against the colour scheme.

Edit: I’m all for accuracy so if an older version of Scorn which you’re choosing to recreate doesn’t have spikes then I would agree with your design choice here.

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Even though Scorn did have spikes in the films, I don’t necessarily think that spikes would fit the G1 Dinobot aesthetic he’s going for. And plus, the semi-circular sail was scientifically accurate in the 80s.
I do agree with you on the color, though


Bioformers! More the meets the brick!

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Thankyou all! :slight_smile:

I tried to keep visible studs to a minimum. Most places they aren’t covered are for proper clearance during transformation, or to avoid parts looking to thick. There are a few places where I just didn’t have the tiles though.

The translucent part is mainly there because I couldn’t find another grey one. But it’s also a weak homage to the old G1 toys that had odd smokey trans plating.

I guess I can see it, personally I think they work.

Shaping: The g1 dinobots were very simplified oddly cute, and not-scientifically accurate. So the rounded spine is meant to fit into that kind of look.

Colour: Certain details on the G1 dinobots are sometimes coloured white, like Swoops wings, slags crest, or grimlock’s arms. I made the sail white to try and mimic those designs.


Dude, this looks awesome! I really need to make my Lego Transformers like this!

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