Dinosaur King

Does anyone else remember this show? Imagine an anime like Pokemon, Digimon, Bakugan, or Yugio, but with DINOSAURS! This was pretty much the coolest non robot related thing for me when I was little. So what do you like about it? What don't you like about it? Favorite character/moment? Discus!


I knew it existed...

that's it....

No clue as to what this is or why it's a thing.

But it exists I guess.

So basically it's some bizarre Pokemon-Yu-gi-oh hybrid.



Yes but with dinosaurs which automatically makes is a million times better,

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No it doesn't.


Clearly you know nothing of my interests.

I loved it as a kid. Tried watching the series again.


I'm actually watching it right now.

The English dub made me cringe

I've heard that said about every anime ever.

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oh the memories, i remember watching this show so much it was one of my main stay back when i was a kid (well this and robotech) now it's Fairy Tale and Overlord. times have changed.

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One of the few Animes that I never seen, and I got them confused with the Beast Machines Dinobots.


Bullcrap. Mr. Blueguy had a Carnotaurus.

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How did you even... What?!

Huh. Never noticed that before.

I remember watching this.

But I remember nothing of the plot.

Dang that was a long time ago...

Also yesh better than any other anime thing because dinosaurs.


The animation difference between the dinosaurs and the people really scares me.

Meh. Nothing too big. Its your standard Transformers Energon/Cybertron affair.

I remember seeing this on a pokemon ripoff list.

No clue on the actual quality of the series.

I don't remember the story, but I liked it when I was a kid.

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actually I know this series more for a game
it was an arcade cabinet where you can play alone or with a friend
it utilised cards (similar to a game called Animal Kaiser)
you would scan the cards then you can use whatever dinosaur it had on it for battle
with rock paper scissors format

never watched the show since I was never interested in it