Dinotrux: Ton Ton

From the Netflix series Dinotrux, Ton Ton is drag racing and lovable character. He is a hybrid of a Ankylosaurus and dump truck. He have a bed to fling rock and a rotating tail to toss small rock into his bed.

Original Picture


Ton ton toooooooonnnnn!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always nice to see a well made system MOC. The colors are also very pleasing.

I love dinosaurs. I love Big industrial machinery. I love Dinotrux. I love Lego. All in all, I love this moc.

Also, if you’re going to do more, do Skya or Dozer next. They’re my favorites.

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ton of stud of course

I would suggest adding more detail on the side, but overall it’s a “niche” model.


Lego should totally license Dinotrux

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Yeah. Though Dreamworks hasn’t exactly been making the best choices when it comes to getting companies for their toys, like not getting the Hasbro (Aka the Transformers people) for their transforming combining robot.