Dionysus, ultimate overlord of the Makuta

Hello once again all! Recently I was struck with tragedy as my little brother and his friends broke the original Dionysus to pieces, leaving only the head and upper body salvageable. Whilst deciding whether I wanted to try and fix him or give it up as a lost cause, the Makuta competition was announced by Lego, which prompted me to rebuild him and make him far better than the previous version. The new moc now stands at 33 inches tall where the previous only reached 30, weighs far more and easily the most stable big scale moc I have built to date, and in case you were wondering yes, it can bend its legs. I feel that I have changed enough of him for me to consider this a new moc and will be entering the competition soon with both this and my other moc Nephilis. I hope you all enjoy the new and improved Dionysus!

Recently acquired photoshop and played around with changing the background to make it more presentable. Lighting might be a little off and the feet seem a bit awkward but other than that I think it looks ok for a first attempt!c :slight_smile:


The color scheme is bland, the ankle armor could use some work too. imo this is only memorable because of the size, which is impressive, and the head. can it close it's mouth?


I appreciate how well armored he is. Good work.

Impressive, but kinda boring

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Yes the mouth can close, true the ankles do need some work still but that's an easy fix and as for colour yeah okay just having silver, gunmetal and grey may seem bland but I like it regardless

Quite an impresive moc for it's incredible size!It would be pretty ironic if you made a tiny version of him to go along with the big one.

There's Gunmetal?

It's a cool moc but... Is it that fresh?
You just recreate your prior moc and slap a Makuta name on it. I will say it's better than the other reposted "Makuta" moc and also; the rule state that the moc must be the Makuta, not a species or new/existing character, the only exception I can think of is the lore of "Makuta stole the body of a giant dinosaur man!"

I know the rule allows existing creation appearing outside of a contest, im just saying your one of "those" type of people, and it's better than the other old mocs. Also I have higher hope on that scorpion thing. :scorpion:


I'm pretty sure the rules only state that existing builds are allowed however to maintain fair play it has to be a creation that hasn't been entered into a competition before

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I think that this MOC looks great! Aside from the impressive size and face, the rest of the MOC is nicely put together. I mean your MOC looks WAY cleaner than Roa McToa's MOC.

Its has a very nice build that shows you put a lot of thought and effort into it. I'd say that this MOC has a good chance of winning.

@Square This doesn't look like a dinosaur at all. It looks like a normal humanoid MOC with different legs. It could easily pass as a Makuta form. Not that I have any problem with it but the "Controlled Sentience" MOC is in the contest and its a tentacle creature.

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Many thanks friend. By the way who is roa mctoa?

That was based on a past form of Makuta, and this was based on no form of Makuta, and the head looks more Dragon like than anything...


The moccer that made Akutahn and won the first G2 bionicle contest.

Very impressive, looks super sturdy. Great work! :DD

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Ah of course I remember now haha

No where did it say that the MOC had to be based on a form that Makuta has taken before. And look at these other entries:

That demon face is cool and Makuta never had one like that

When did Makuta look like this

Or like this

Lego is encouraging people to be creative. The dragon head is nice looking and well built so I don't see the problem.

Edit Plus Makuta has had so many different forms in the 2 gens(not including the brotherhood) And he was a shapeshifter in G1 so he could literally look like anything.


It's not only the head, which is cool, And I would like to see the mouth closed at some point @TolerantAxe97 please, but it's more of the mix of colors that don't relate to Makuta, not having any 'trademark' Makuta things stand out, besides the Mask of Control on the chest, I think if this had more Makuta like colors it'd be much eaiser to pass as Makuta.

Ummmm, n comment?

Dam I was waiting for someone to post so I could say that haha, didn't want to double post though

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3, 1 of which wasn't really a actually form. And yes, G1 Makuta could become anything, but this is for G2. The first picture probably won't win, because it shares no aspects with Makuta besides being bad.

didn't you just say though that "Controlled Sentience"

Which is a G1 form of Makuta and you thought it was fine and had no problem with it . So what are you trying to say?