Diroxus, Nero of dragonic kin (LDD MOC)

Hello guys! this is my first time posting one of my LDD creations on here. Diroxus is part of one of my stories species known as a Nero. yes he was made in the updated version of LDD,the one where you can color any piece any color you want. In a way i consider him a titan build,or at least a small titan. As in all of my posts, I dont share the story, if you want to know some details about his story, feel free to ask in the comments.


Looks pretty good. I comend you

@LTVmocs thank you. I will e honest,the torso was something hard definitely, around that point i had started to lose ideas,but then combined some pieces together and made the torso,it looks great though now that i see it. Also thank you for the feedback

Also something else I forgot. Next time I recommend to use a single color background. It is easier for us to see.


The front leg and color scheme seems alright, yet the arms are super lengthy and the back is bare in some areas.
I’m also not a huge fan of people taking screenshot of LDD background.

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Thanks for the feedback @Square. The arms where ironically the first beginnings of the MOC. I was actually aiming for long limbs since in his species, the longer the limb the more “intimidation” is set in. For the back i have a major pet peeve with putting things on the back that dont leave open space,so i like it open and bare like this. And not to be rude or undermine you, but the LDD backgrounds will stay as there the only way i can get a pic of the MOC on here. But in all of this still, thank you for your feedback.

Do the forearms need to be that long? If you were to scale them back, I think it would look better.

@Leoxander thanks for the feedback. Yes his arms are long,pretty long,but i made them that way on purpose. The Nero species is usually known for having long limbs,especially the more advanced of his race. There are some Nero who also however have very short limbs and some even have limbs longer than there entire body.

Haven’t actually seen this one before tonight liking the arms just he could definitely use some work