Discord vs. Skype

For those unaware, Discord is a relatively new communications platform designed around gaming but flexible enough to be used for general communications. Var has recently praised Discord and us Mod Squaddies have started using it for podcast recording and BTS administrative conversations.

Personally, it has completely replaced Skype (which we all know is notoriously buggy) as my go-to communications program for messaging other members of the online LEGO community. What about you guys? I know that many of us use Skype as an IM service. Do you have experience with Discord? How does it compare to Skype and other programs?


I’ve used discord.
that and teamspeak are better than Skype.

I’ve never heard of discord, so when I read the title I was expecting this:


Discord is skype.

If skype wasn’t run by nazis


The Brotherhood of Randomness recently moved to Discord. I haven’t used Skype personally but from what @Ventum tells me, Discord is far superior.


The way I see it, it’s like Vimeo vs Youtube.

One is far superior to the other but it has no hope of reaching it’s level of popularity.

That’s probably because Skype comes pre-installed with a lot of Windows packages. I find the YT/Vimeo comparison a bit unfair. YouTube is based around ads, most of Vimeo’s features are blocked behind a pay wall. In contrast, both Discord and Skype are free-to-use services


Don’t you DARE forget teamspeak, @legomaster1378.

Well Vimeo is more business oriented, meaning its content can be taken more seriously. When Youtubers try to “run a business” it’s just cringey.

FaceTime for daaaayyyyyyyzzzzzz!!!
Honestly though only ever used skype

Based on my ~almost 3 years on Skype v. my couple months on Discord, I have to say Discord is better.

The browser version is a great way to introduce yourself to the program, then you can try the actual app. The app runs VERY smoothly, doesn’t murder your bandwidth, and has a far superior setup in my honest opinion.

But if that isn’t good enough, then you’ll be relieved to hear that even the Mobile App is good. It runs just as smoothly as the Desktop app.


Discord > Skype.



Ouch, take that Pandemic Panda.

I’ve never liked Skype very much, but Discord is really cool, and I love their logo. It’s like the child of an X-Box Controller and a Space Invader.


Most Youtubers, anyhow.

I do think there is a significant difference in quality between a group that stays up to date on the happenings of a company and keeps their followers informed… and an overenthusiastic 20-something playing video games 24/7.



The difference is, only the first one is a business.

The other is just a job.


I once tried to make a TTV fan discord group.
I was to scared to say it to anyone because the CHC would bring down the beatdown on me.
It’s still the only thing in my Discord contact list.
I am lonely :c.

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Well, if Civ 5 taught me anything, a bunch of cavemen can beat a tank if the tank is weak enough.


I have never used Skype, But discord is pretty cool. Even though I mainly use Google Hangouts as my go-to IM program.

One’s a business, the other is what you do when you’re not busy.

No. There are plenty of YouTubers who do YouTube as a job and earn all their money through it. TTV doesn’t even do that.