Dishonored drawing

so I drew Corvo from Dishonored the other day. What do you guys think?



I love Dish ono red.

This looks amazing!

This is awesome, man! Corvo is the best!

Looks cool, and I don't care about Dishonored.

I like the lower face the best.

~You dishonor the famiry~

@Helryx08 plz

Woah, man. Noice.

Looks pretty great! You gonna colour it or leave it like this?


beautiful, nice job with the shading I must say

I was going to leave it like this, but I'll color it if you want.

I think it looks better all gray-shaded pencil-y.

Nothing beats an awesome pencil drawing.

Here I was expecting a drawing devoid of honor.
JK This is cool. Really good pencil art. Corvo looks awesome.

Oh, wow. This is cool looking. Really cool. I should play that game...


you should play it. It's a great game.

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Cool drawing :3