Disney's JETIX

The old Disney block for cool shows before Disney XD became a thing


YES! I FREAKING WATCHED THIS! I believe this is where I watched Digimon Frontier (season 4) which is one my favorite seasons of digimon.

Also: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go. Anyone remember that show?

JMP, you know how to get the nostalgia brain juices pumping.


Power Rangers. Lots n’ lots of Power Rangers for Lil’ Plural.


Much want back, Disney XD just isn’t the same thing


What’s with the influx of children’s cartoons today?

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Nostalgia bombs


Everytime I see that, I think of an emote and this:

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JETIX was Disney’s?

I remember watching Power Rangers on that channel way back when.

I unfortunately didn’t watch it much when it was still a thing
But now I’m finding a lot of shows from Jetix that I rather enjoy or that look interesting
So yeah
Pretty cool stuff.

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Disney used to own Power Rangers before Nickelodeon did

This was my source of crappy Canadian tv shows and Digimon.

I remember the logo for it…

Nothing else…

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There it freaking is…

The stomping, the ears, the one eye…

All of it comes back to me

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I had nothing better to watch, so I remember it.