Distraxx steals all the Vbucks (NOT CLICKBAIT)

I had to draw something in my style for school, so this is what I came up with.

also yes that says minecraft diamond i forgot to change it


“minecrft Diamond”

I wasn’t aware there was a Minecraft mod for Fortnite.

or the other way around, for that matter.

I actually like this drawing more than I though I would, though. It’s cute and goofy.

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ok haHAA wow epic he steal the minceraft v-buck haha cool

Not sure what i have to really say about it, if you feel good about how it’s gonna be received at school, then :thumbsup:


This is art.

He’s self conscious, don’t worry

I know him fairly well and he plays with fire like this on a regular basis

At the same time this is a bit barebones for an entire topic. You’ve got two compilation topics why not put it there?

You also need to compile these more often; there’s a lot of gems you’ve shared with me that haven’t yet seen the light of day

you’re right i need to make more terrible MS paint art topics


May you receive all the A’s.


no, the V’s.

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