Distraxx's Terrible MS Paint Art 4: Despacito Rising

so guys, we did it, we made another MS Paint Art topic

technically this is the 5th MS Paint Art topic i’ve done, but I’m not counting the last one
anyway here’s what you came for

ghid told me to game end the manas

this was my christmas/december icon on discord for about 2 seconds. you know i had to do it to em

i drew this literally for one terrible meme but it’s still epic

drawing with my eyes closed is hard

my most recent drawing and i still don’t know why i made it

this is why i don’t draw serious things, they turn into this

and finally
i give you


okay i’m out of art again except for one thing that i’m saving as it’s own topic


The yeet guy is the best, others are way too terrible

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that’s the idea

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How long until you’r just drawing single lines?

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I said that in the sense that you “achieved the terrible idea”

i’d never do such a thing /s

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This’ll give me nightmares for months.

these are funny, I like them.