Disturbing Confessions

Everybody fantasizes about something. They dream of finding a cute girl/guy, of being famous, of going to space. I have fantasies too. Dark ones.

To those around me, I seem normal enough, maybe a bit weird. And when I’m with other people, I am relatively normal – I joke around, play games, talk about stuff. But when I’m by myself, surrounded by people yet alone, my mind wanders. Sometimes I work on a story. Sometimes I think about stuff. Sometimes I look at the people around me. I wonder what’s going on in their lives. I wonder what would happen if they died. I see people walking along happily, and I imagine them running, afraid.

My darkest thoughts don’t affect any person in particular. I imagine myself being the cause of their demise, watching their life fade before my eyes.

Am I crazy? I don’t think so. They say acknowledging that something isn’t right is a good sign of sanity. And I don’t really hate anyone. I may hold a grudge sometimes, or dislike a person, but I don’t hate them. But my heart storms against “normal” people. I know violence is wrong, and I know I would never really hurt another person. My heart isn’t so sure.

I’m that kid who sits in class, staring off into space. I don’t take notes, I don’t talk to people much. Sometimes I ask the teacher an interesting question, or answer the teacher’s question, either with a clever answer or some smart-aleck answer. Mostly, I just sit there, thinking. Maybe I’m thinking about you.


Author’s note:
Okay, what can I say to explain this one? I have a lot of time to think during my lunch hour, and my mind goes to some strange places. Somehow I came up with this little story. I hope it isn’t too disturbing. :slight_smile:



Oh no don’t worry. Almost every one does this. If you are deeply worried (which you shouldn’t be) maybe talk to someone about it. But like I said, it’s normal.

I can actually empathize with this but I’m quite a bit more… ‘Active’ in when I have said thoughts… Along with most of my friends know I’m like this and just don’t care… I have a weird friend group…

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So I’m not the only one like that…


Sometimes I think about what would happen if I died, but that’s pretty much my darkest thought.


Relateable in many ways.

You think about killing people? That you see?


I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time.

Sorry for the poor audio quality, but that video is just perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all honesty though, yeah, I’ve had those thoughts on occasion as well. I mean, they’re always pretty brief, but they will sometimes come into my mind when I don’t want them to be there, y’know. I get the impression that thoughts and feelings like that can ebb and flow toward being pretty common; personally, I just pretend that they don’t exist.


I can relate in a lot of ways- not all mind you. My best way of handling strong emotion is by channeling it into writing or poetry- or exploring music. Sometimes your brain can take you to places or actions you’d never take. That doesn’t seem particularly unusual to me, and certainly not if you’re a bit of a loner.
It sounds like you’re in high school, and having graduated somewhat recently I remember it as a time when I was very often confused by my own brain. Complex thoughts or feelings often find a good home in creativity, especially if you perceive them as unconventional.

I have no idea if that helps at all but I would hope it does.

I thought this was gonna be a topic where we confess dark secrets and I was almost really excited


This was nice though


So, you think about murdering random people that you see walking? “Watching the life drain from their eyes” as you say. That is by no means normal. You, and anyone else who thinks that way needs therapy.

This doesn’t sound like the random thoughts of a normal person, this sounds like the origin story of DC’s Joker. That’s sick, twisted, disturbing, and not normal.

Y’all insane, seek help.


I’m not sure whether to be amused by how people are taking this seriously
Or scared by the large subset of those people agreeing with it

If this was a ‘disturbing confessions’ topic, all I could really contribute is admitting to having developed a strange attraction to boats in the past year or so.

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I’d read the authors note, this was a story XP

and nevah



Anyways, it’s a pretty interesting short story, disturbing but enjoyable.

Now on the note of people relating to it, I sometimes wonder what would happen if a person near me would inexplicably recieve a lethal wound (either through murder with a Stand or stopping time) and how people around me would react, along with how I would have to react to make myself seem innocent. In these scenarios run in my brain, I would have to not react right away, because the brain would normally take a moment to understand the situation, but I can’t take too long to react either.

However, understand that I don’t think about how it would feel to murder someone.

that much

obvious /s is obvious

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Dude calm down it’s a story.

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