DIVIDED WE FALL - An Unfinished TTV Civil War Drawing

"Sometimes I want to punch the face behind that mask."

And me, Chronicler.

This is a drawing I did back in the beginning of April during the Civil War event. Needless to say, I kinda forgot about it. I intended to color it completely, but that never came to be.

I think the only part I don’t like about this piece is Ven’s pose. I just abhor how I drew that.

Anyways, comments and critiques are appreciated.


It is good
though I was not part of this Bizarre War
it is good

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Kahi’s face looks more like Ultron than Iron Man.

Other than that, pretty cool. :smile:

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I tried to base it off of how Prpl drew some of the characters.

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Looks like a group photoshoot gone wrong when someone stepped on someone else’s foot. Best parts have to be Cap LJ’s “utility belt” and Slimebones being choked out.

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I felt that was appropriate for the character. :stuck_out_tongue:

And adding the pins was a must.

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this is pretty dank crikey

i love indi in the back
it’s so
indi :laughing:


That is amazing!

I really like how Var’s Kakama is infused with Black Panther’s mask :smile:.


I felt it would be a good match, since the Kakama’s side vents reminded me of whiskers.

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Wow that’s looks good, and where’s Prp’s Sub-Team?

I only did the main members.

I also did not recognize the second Team Anarchy or any of their members.

Because Team Anarchy sucks.

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You’re the best part of this picture, Cronk. “Roasting!”

I love this.


Looking pretty cool so far. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

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I’m probably not going to finish it.

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this is awesome

You need to finish this…

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I love how Cronk is just riding on the arrow roasting people.

I don’t have the motivation, though.


I don’t even care that we’re fighting lol

Also Ye finish this

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You’re just floating there giving a toast.