Divided We Fall


I dodged one of Kopaka's vicious punches, with his fist hitting the surface of the rocky mountain, causing a slight "earthquake." Gali went into action with her spear and stabbed Kopaka's arm with its sharp blade, causing Kopaka to grunt in pain. I then attempted to slash Gali with one of my swords, but I missed due to her quick reflexes. She attempted to fight back by trying to use her spear once again, but I grabbed ahold of it and used it against her. As I was trying to use my sword and spear to kill Gali, Tahu then appeared behind me and grabbed my arm, causing me to drop the spear.

He then began to twist it, causing me to feel horrifying pain. I kicked behind me in an attempt to get Tahu off, but Kopaka dived and pushed Tahu out of the way in order to fight him alone. Gali, picking up the spear, once again tried to stab me with her spear, but I fought back by slashing my sword. Suddenly, a chunk of land appeared out of the air, and Gali went flying into the ground, unconscious. Onua appeared soon after this, pulled out his giant hammer. I stood my ground, with my sword in my hand, and prepared for him to make a move. Suddenly, Tahu and Kopaka came rolling down the mountain, as they went to full-on fisticuffs. Tahu trapped Kopaka into a full-on headlock, while Kopaka repeatedly kept punching his chest. Onua jumped above me, and missed as he tried to smash me with his hammer. He then landed on Tahu and Kopaka, severely injuring both of them. Tahu pulled out his fire sword and Kopaka pulled out his spear, with Onua giving a menacing glance to both of them. They began to fight.

As I took a step back away from the fight scene, I looked from the distance. We were their heroes. We were their predicted saviors. Now look at us now. We are all fighting, we are all divided. Suddenly, a faint voice from Vizuna, my mentor, the Protector of Jungle, entered my mind. "All six of you must stick together to protect Okoto," I then proceeded to look at the fight once again. I then vaguely remembered something that Tahu said years ago when he was leader of the Toa... he said something like... "United we stand, Divided We Fall."


This would read better if I put on the theme from the Captain America Super Bowl tv spot. Ghosts of Beverly Drive doesn't quite do the same thing. The story was cool, though. I hope you're doing more of it, so we can know why the Toa are fighting.

You should continue this, as you have a good set up going. But it should be noted that some of these sentences are a bit tiresome and run on.


It's good, I'm not complaining but... WHERE'S LEWA!? This is a classic example of forgetting the green dudes! We must stand up for them!


Classic would be more like forgetting about the brown du-

Hey where's Pohatu?!

@Rockho Sigh - The stone and the sky must band together for recognition!

He's the narrator.


Thank you. I am still not sure where Pohatu is. Perhaps he is dead. :anguished: