DIY projects

My apologies if there’s already something like this, but this should be interesting. Anything from staining a wood chair (or in my case, snare drum), to building a costume piece when purchasing is too expensive

I’m currently staining my snare drum as you could possibly gather. Didn’t Goo Gone the glue holding the wrap on enough so a little wood peeled, meaning it’s sanding time

I love diy! Tomorrow or monday I’ll post some of the
Stuff I’ve made.
For the most part I make masks and helmets or props with cardboard as the main material and they turn out pretty good

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Not sure if I like DIY as a concept to save money as much as it allowing me to make things nobody else has. Right now I’m thinking about some 4 foot tall bookcases with wheels and cabinet doors to replace the totes I have that are back-breaking to move. I’m also thinking about a trophy case as well.

I also do sewing, if that counts. Quilts, bags, even made a measured pattern for a cloak, that sort of thing.

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did the staining and some wood burning. Currently doing polyurethane