Do all Toa Hagah use the metru thigh armor?

I’ve been planning on using the inika leg pieces for a toa hagah moc but the metru thigh armor doesn’t fit unless I use a longer thigh piece. Hopefully I’m not beating a dead horse or anything since this sort of thing was discussed during the toa hagah contests but any thoughts and opinions would be helpful.

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There is nothing canonically limiting which specific armour pieces a Toa Hagah can have.

All six of Teridax’s Toa Hagah feature the Metru thigh in their official artwork, but that does not mean that every Toa Hagah employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta did the same.


I would have confidence with this answer if the art for Toa Pouks kept the original inika armor since to me it still looks cohesive with his team. Based off the art I assumed that all Toa Hagah used the same thigh armor and it’d be disappointing if every team had similar thigh armor just to get that cohesive look.

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The artist who created the canon artwork chose to change Pouks’s thigh armor in order to make him look more in line with his comrades — there was no rule mandating the use of metru thigh armor, and many entries chose to keep the inika armor.

I don’t see why Teridax’s team would have to be cohesive with other Hagah teams, and there isn’t much information on what other Hagah teams were like, so you I think you can do pretty much anything with your moc. Have fun


Gotta protect those thicc thighs.


As they received their armor from the Makuta, it was probably designed by their future employers. Thus, there was probably a large variety of Hagah Armor designs.