Do all Turaga Badges of Office Transform?

All the Toa Metru’s badges of office (staves) were formed when their Toa Tools transformed when they became Turaga, except for two- Vakama’s firestaff, and Nokama’s trident. Did both of those items transform into new versions of themselves, or stay as they were? Also, were all badges of office saves? when a Toa becomes a Turaga, does their Tool always become a Staff? What happens when a Toa with only launchers becomes a Turraga? Would Turaga Kongu have some sort of kordak staff, of just a smaller launcher?


I think in Vakama and Nokama’s case they were either tools used back in their Matoran days (Vakama), or newly carved tools (Nokama’s case).

Some of the badges of office were staffs, while others were Spears, drills, hammers and picks.

As far as the launcher portion of your question, that’s a good point, it might be possible that it transforms into some type of projectile firing staff.

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