do any of y’all play guilty gear xx accent core plus r

I just bought ggxxacpr but I’ve only found 2 people to play it with

my win rate is… not great as you can see
I main ky
I will be waiting

Someone did end up joining, but… they had nearly 4000 wins
They swamped me pretty bad
Screw going up against a wall, I was up against the entire fortress


Imma be honest this forum isn’t the biggest host for a guilty gear fanbase

I’ve known of two people on the site who have had any interest in guilty gear and neither of them are active anymore


@Ghid I was desperate, I didn’t assume there’d be many but it was worth a shot

@Avohru offer’s always up for when you can

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I play Guilty Gear but can’t really play online right now. Sorry. It’s a shame because I main Sol.