Do Glatorian/Agori have metallic teeth?

I know, I know, this is the second question I’ve had about teeth. I’m not a dentist, I swear! It’s a by-product of something I asked myself a while ago; “If Wolverine has a metallic skeleton, why aren’t his teeth also metal?” I found the answer fairly quickly. As it turns out, teeth are not bones and have a completely different structure. However, Wolverine’s skeleton was artificially infused with adamantium. Since Glatorian and Agori have a naturally metallic bone structure, would they have metallic tooth enamel also?


I somehow don’t think it was relevant to the writers at the time


True, true. I’m just curious, that’s all. Like when they say “cheese” for a picture, does the light reflecting off their chompers completely drown the whole photo in white? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good question. Since their bone structure is made of metal (assuming by metal they are talking about base metals), I’d think their bodies wouldn’t have calcium as readily available as we do, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to form teeth made of Hydroxyapatite.
At the same time, having teeth made up from a base Metal is highly problematic because of corrosion, and most noble Metals are too soft. I highly doubt their bodies can produce a high enough internal temperature to be able to produce alloys that meet the required criteria, so that’s a dead end.
It’s possible that they could have teeth made of base metals if they evolved countermeasures to corrosion. The most likely one would be having a powerful antioxidant in their saliva together with a decent pH buffer.
Now keep in mind that I’m in no way an expert, I’m just taking you along through the Wikipedia Rabbit hole as I go. Hope you have fun with this thought experiment though.

Would metallic include protodermis? I would love to see arena matches for dental care!

No @CalamitousT, the protodermis was made by the Great Beings,(Look at the answers #7 here: it can’t be the natural part of their teeth, as the Great Beings also came from the Glatorian species.(