Do Matoran have DNA?

I know that Matoran are 85% part mechanical protodermis and 15% part organic protodermis. But do they possess a DNA code in their structure?


“We don’t deal with DNA in BIONICLE, simply because DNA becomes important in terms of genetics and genetic inheritance. Since there is no biological reproduction, there is no genetic inheritance.”


That’s wierd, in the book, Metru Nui - City of Legends, it says along the lines of, “As protodermis itself is an artificial substance; organic protodermis is not truly organic. It mimics the qualities of true organic tissue, such as a cellular structure and a protodermic equivalent to DNA.”


Bionicle just isn’t that deeply thought out. It doesn’t matter if the matoran had DNA or not.


I’d assume it’d be mRNA, since they’re Matoran. I guess the Toa and Rahi might have it slightly different. :stuck_out_tongue:


If they have no DNA then whatsa Makuta virus gonna do? :face_with_monocle:

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It says “protodermic equivalent” so maybe not necessarily DNA in the sense we know (i.e. nitrogen base, phosphate, deoxyribose sugar, etc). Alternatively, and more likely, it’s just one of the many contradictions greg has made.

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You mean like this?

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These quotes can be reconciled.

DNA is certainly important in genetic lineage, but that isn’t its only purpose. DNA is also necessary for cellular reproduction, which, in turn, is necessary for healing organic tissue. And we know that the organic tissue of Bionicle characters can heal, and even completely regenerate.

However, that’s all that we can conclude about protodermic DNA given current sources.


We simply know that organic protodermis has a cellular structure and possesses something similar in function to DNA - that’s it.


The real question is whether it can be put in the codon stream in the Omnitrix or not. If it does, then there would be one heck of a crossover between Bionicle and Ben 10. Lol. Imagine if Ben could take different Toa form variants. He would be OP. I mean there were Gourmand variants so why not variants of different Toa but there could be weaknesses too.

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Do you know what page this is on? I’ve been looking through the guide, but I can’t seem to find this.


You double posting son of a Barraki.

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That could be an explanation for the Constraction Ben 10 sets, honestly.

Matoran have “organic” components, but it’s made of “organic” protodermis, and the matoran are protodermis based lifeforms, not carbon based, nor silicon based, etc. (unless it’s revealed that protodermis is carbon/silicon based). And “organic” protodermis does not have DNA.

So the answer is NO.


Protodermis seems to be some form of programmable matter. And what is DNA, if not organic code made of A, T, G & C? In that case, all protodermis has a “DNA” (albeit not literal DNA), and it has a program. So not only does “organic” protodermis have “DNA”, all protodermis does.

In short, No, but actually Yes.