Do Skakdi have a favorite food?

Browsing the biosector01 website I learned that glatorian and zesk have their own delicacies. Since Skakdi are known to chew their food do they have a particular foodstuff that they enjoy or do they just not care?


You’re sort of comparing apples to oranges, since the Glatorian and Zesk are organic-based beings from Bara Magna and the Skakdi are biomechanicals from inside Mata Nui. Biomechanicals have, at best, a very rudimentary sense of taste that exists primarily to keep them from ingesting poison.


From Chapter 3 of Destiny War, though:

Vezon had never met a Rahkshi before and found he disliked them. Most beings had a scent, either pleasant or unpleasant; Rahkshi smelled of cold metal and death.

I’m assuming this isn’t just a figure of speech (an olfactory sense is definitely useful as a form of non-visual detection, besides).

That said, what constitutes our sense of “flavour” is based primarily in our olfactory sense, not our taste buds… (those born without an olfactory sense essentially cannot distinguish between flavours and only taste sweet/salty/etc., as I am told) and Vezon seem to have a fair sense of smell.

Maybe this sense of smell is separate from the sense of taste, but if they (Skakdi or maybe general MUans) already possess a sense of smell why would the GBs not incorporate that into their sense of taste (as it is in humans) as well?