Do The G2 Toa's Powers Come From Their Weapons?

I haven’t read the new bionicile book yet so this might not be true but in the animations the toa use their wepons instead of their masks for powers.
Kopaka’s shield give him the same thing that Tahu’s Hau did in 2001.
Gail’s trident gives her speed a bit like Pohatu’s Kakama in 2001.
Pohatu doesn’t use his boomerangs like a Pakri but he is does show his strength in one episode.

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As for the topic itself, Maybe. Their mask powers in G2 are kind of just their element.


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Interesting theory, though it may be pure coincidence.

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Maybe…they channel their mask powers into their weapons?

Maybe both???


I think the Toa have slight elemental powers of their own. (Like Pohatu being able the make a tornado to retrieve his golden mask) And their masks give them greater elemental powers.

I think, like has been already said, that they just channel their powers through their weapons. Although it would be cool if the weapons had their own powers. (Like Gali’s trident shooting lightning.)

Look at all those energies:


Didn’t Pohatu have the regular mask of stone at that point?

Anyway, it seems to me that the …

Already been said, I guess.

I believe their power is inherent, and the Golden Masks amplify it. As for why they channel it through the weapons, I dunno.

Yes he did. I noticed that he maintained a cyclone while he was changing masks.

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I didn’t. Thanks for pointing it out.

im not exactly sure but wasn’t Pohatu using he’s boomerangs to hover

He does use them to hover, but I’m not really sure whether he uses his Boomerangs to make a cyclone. Because I seen him make a cyclone with them on his feet and when they’re not on his feet.

Also, since the Toa might get new weapons in 2016 I think it’s unlikely that the weapons are the source of their power.


Their powers come directly from their masks and are channeled through their weapons, presumably. That’s what all media thus far seems to suggest.


before the toa gain their masks of power they use their weapons as a source of elemental power

  • Tahu’s flame thrower swords (confirmed in advert)
  • Kopaka’s ice spear (confirmed in magazine)
  • Onua’s claws (for digging)
  • Pohatu’s boomerang’s (used for creating sand tornadoes below him)(notice how he never uses the boomerang’s while he is in a sand tornado but then uses them while in the sand tornado when he gains his golden mask)
  • lewa’s axe tops (as gliders by channeling air)
  • Gali’s trident top (same thing as lewa but for her flippers)

once they gain their golden masks they no longer need to use their weapons for tasks that can now be for-filled by their new powers. it does seem however that they can channel the mask power into the weapons making them even more powerful

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Actually, I assume they used their colored masks for power. The golden masks only strengthened them and gave them a link to Ekimu.

yeah i figured that as well. what i mean is that before they NEEDED the weapons to use any elemental power but, with the golden masks, the weapons only help strengthen the power but are not needed

It’s kinda like in the old BIONICLE, where the Toa used their weapons to focus their elemental powers. In the first comic, Kopaka says "The power is in me. The sword is but the focus."BBBB55


exactly what i was thinking