Do we know who created Takua?

We know that Takua was the first Matoran ever created, but will we ever get to know who exactly created him?

I’m assuming it’s the first Turaga or a Great Being. We know that lot of Turaga originated as Matoran, however it’s been confirmed that the first one which was created by the Great Beings was made already in the form of such, without being a Matoran or a Toa before-hand.

So we do know that it could’ve been that one Turaga, but who exactly was it? And will we ever get to know for certain?


The Great Beings made him


Beat me to it!

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Honestly, I think Angonce is the one particular Great Being who made him.


Great Beings.
Also, there was more than 1 of these “First Turaga”.

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Thank you, this is the best answer that I’ve been looking for!

Has that been confirmed, or is that just speculation?

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