Do you listen to music while browsing the forums?

Just wanna know if anyone else does this.

I usually just listen to whatever song is playing on Spotify.

But sometimes i just browse listening to this.


I'm usually only on the boards for about 5 minuets at a time, but I check in regularly. So no, not usually.


I do listen to music while on the boards.

I listen to music everyday, so yes. ok_hand ok_hand

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I listen to music. Not usually on the boards. I have one seven hour playlist for writing and homework purposes. It's mostly Halo soundtracks, 80s/70s music, and Breaking Benjamin(who just released a new song on their channel).

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When I'm not listening to TTV, yes, I listen to music.

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How does one listen to music while doing homework?

Either my mind is focused on the homework or my mind wanders off in the rhythm and lyrics of the music

I physically cannot do both at once. It becomes counter-productive for me...

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Sometimes when I'm bored.

I dunno... I just kinda do it. It's cool when you hear Halo 2 Anniversary's soundtrack playing as you power through lots of Math problems.

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It's fine for me as long as it's simple problems that I can work out, but when working on complex problems, it's near impossible for me to focus... confused

Welp, I guess it's just how my brain works...

stupid brain for inhibiting me from completing my boring homework while enjoying good music

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from time to time indeed I do

I listen to DH.

Yes I do.

Currently listening to this while on the forums.

Indeed I do. For the most part I listen to playlists recommended by Youtube because I trust more in robots' judgement than people's when it comes to music.

Currently listening to:

I usually listen to the soundtrack from the bionicle game, from what was it 2003, 2004?

I occasionally listen to music while on the boards.

Not often though.

I've been listening to Skillet or Flobots on a Spotify playlist while scrolling through topics.

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I listen to whatever I am listening to. It varries for me.