Do you play an instrument?

Tell us! Have/do you play an instrument?
I used to play the frenchhorn, but not anymore.


Is mayonnaise an instrument?


No, mayonnaise is not an instrument


I have played the trombone for 8 years. It’s fun.

I know how to play DO with a flute, does that count?

I’m a percussionist at school; my favorite instrument is probably the slapstick.

I play Cello

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I was going to do this.

I hate you.


I play the violin, but I’m quitting next year. I still enjoy it, I just don’t wanna take classes for it anymore.

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I played piano when I was younger, but I made the mistake of not caring as much back then. Now I can only play really simple stuff.

I play the alto saxophone

I’ve been taking lessons for acoustic guitar for over a decade without any major progress and hate going there, though I enjoy playing. I can also play some simple pieces on the accordion and piano.

So yes, I do.

Currently play: Keyboards, electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drum set, djembe, vocals
Want to play: Violin, flute, Haken Continuum, modular synthesizers

I know how to use many instruments of violence of course.

Which may include the piano. Depending on the situation.

guitar saxophone piano bass drums

@Omega_Tahu I knew that other cellists existed!

I’m a cellist, but I plan on learning percussion (more specifically the drum set) and guitar.

I also play MuseScore.

Do instruments of torture count?

Aside from that, I play the piano. Kind of.

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I use to play the guitar a lot, but I haven’t done it in a long while.
I’m interested in the piano and violin though.

Cellists unite!

I have an acoustic and electric that I play around with some pedals on (reverb sounds amazing with it). I’m gunna try and do some cello covers of some songs soon using it (possibly a Cryoshell one at some point).

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Me too! Wait… seven years. But, yeah, trombone!

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